Samsung Galaxy S6 How to import saved score from games - Solution

If you played on your old smartphone a game like Sky Force, Gems Journey etc. and have now switched to the Samsung Galaxy S6, then your score is lost by the change. This is of course very annoying, since you do not want to start all over again. But there is fortunately a way to transfer the score of your game app on the Samsung Galaxy S6. How it works we would like to explain vividly in detail here now:

Importing your old saved games works with the free Google Play Store app "Helium Backup". You have to gotta download this app first. Here is the official link to the Google Play Store: Helium Backup
In addition to this app you need also the software on the PC, where the data is cached. This softwareis available from the official "ClockworkMod" homepage.

  1.  Back up the saved game scoreby using Helium Backup

Have you installed both programs, connect your old Android phone with your PC. Start helium on the Android smartphone and then the Helium software on the PC. Navigate now on your Android smartphone to Menu --> helium, thus opening the app. This will now prompt you to enable the USB debugging mode. So now enable the USB Debugging mode.

You will now be connected to the PCand you can start with backing up the data of your apps. Check out the tab "Save" in helium on your Android smartphone where you can now select the Apps and the data and scores, records etc. which should be secured. Set behind each app to backup such as Sky Force a hook into the checkbox.

Have you made your selection, choose "Backup". A query for the saving location appears. Select here "Internal Memory"! Tap on "Ok" and the backup starts. A message with "Apps have been completely backed up" will appear on the display. Finished!

You have now successfully secured all app data of your old Android smartphone. Now open on your PC the internal memory of the smartphone and copy the folder "Carbon" on the desktop of your PC.

  1. Transfer and import the appgame data on your Samsung Galaxy S6

Now connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 to the PC and then copy the file "Carbon" (your just created backup of the games data) in the top level of your internal memory.

Open again helium Backup on the PC and then on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Again, USB debugging must be enabled! You can now tap "Restore and then select the apps, games which you would like to transfer to the Samsung Galaxy S6. Done!

You have now successfully imported all your saved games from an old smartphone to the new Samsung Galaxy S6.

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