Samsung Galaxy S6 How to open the Secret Test Menu - Solved

If you have ever heard of a secret test menu to check the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S6, you heard right. There is such a menu totest the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S6, but it is not directly visiblewithin the normal Android GUI. In order to bring up the service menu on the Samsung Galaxy S6 you must enter a code. How and where do you enter this code, we show you now in this article:

For this purpose, please open from the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6 the phone app. Change here now on the tab "Keypad" and then type via the numeric keypad this code: *#0*#

This code will nowdisplay the service menu on your Samsung Galaxy S6. This consists of different tiles which stand for a functional test or a functional group. So there are tests for:

  • Display
  • Sensors
  • Touch-sensitivity
  • Vibration
  • camera
  • and much more

To run a test, tap on a tile and follow the instructions on the screen. Normally the tests explain themselves. To return from the service menu again to the Touch Wiz interface, you need to tap twice in rapid succession on the back button (soft key to the right of the Home button).
You now know how to access the service menu for the functionality tests on the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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