Samsung Galaxy S6 How to order contacts by last name - Solved

If you are in the Contacts app on your Samsung Galaxy S6, then your contacts are sorted by first name. If you use the Samsung Galaxy S6 for business, then it makes more sense if the contacts are sorted by last name, because you can then find business contacts faster. In order to display your contacts, sorted by last name, on your Samsung Galaxy S6 you need to activate that kind of sort order:

Open from the Home screen on your Samsung Galaxy S6: Menu --> Contacts

Tap in the overview above at "More" and then on "Settings". Here you can now see the "Sort by" menu item. Tap on the entry and you can change from "first name" to "Last Name". Finished!

From now on, all contacts on your Samsung Galaxy S6 are sorted by "Last Name" in the contacts app. We hope that you now canfindyour contactsmore quickly on the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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