Samsung Galaxy S6 How to prepare for remote access – Tip

Anyone who has purchased the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Edge version has spent on several hundred dollars. Therefore it would be a shame if the smartphone gets lost. But that may happen.

Therefore on the Samsung Galaxy S6 a few software security features should be activated.

Samsung Galaxy S6

We want to show you here, exactly how it works:

To enable remote access on the Samsung Galaxy S6 please proceeds as follows:

1. Open the menu and then the Settings.

2. Navigate further on "Device Security" --> "Find My Mobile"

3. You must now Enter the data of your Samsung account. Your smartphone will now connect to the server and show you the necessary settings on the display.

4. Here you should now enable the following options:

  • Remote access info
  • Sim change reactivation lock

Have you made the settings, then you can now always access and locate on each computer with Internet and Samsung Find My Mobile your Samsung Galaxy S6.

If your smartphone is stolen, so you will be notified about it via SMS as soon as a new SIM card is stuck in the device. Furthermore, the device cannot be reactivated without your consent. You now have full remotely control over your Samsung Galaxy S6.


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