Samsung Galaxy S6 How to print Double-sided – Solved

Should you use on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the possibility to print documents via Wi-Fi, then you might want sometimes, if your printer offers this ability, to print multi-page documents on both sides.

In this article we tell you how to print two-sided pages via Wi-Fi printer with the Samsung Galaxy S6. This works as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S6

We want to explain to you the procedure using an HP printer. However, this works the same for almost all prints:

1. Open Menu --> Settings --> section "Connections" --> More Settings

2. Select Connection "Print", and then the printer driver or the plug of your printer. In our case this is the HP-Plugin

3. Enable, if not already done, the plugin.

4. Now tap at the top right on "More". In the opening pop-up menu, tap on "Printer Settings"

5. Here you will now find an option with "2-Sided". Activate the slider to enable this feature on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Now, if you print a multi-page document with the Samsung Galaxy S6, then this will be printed on two sides.


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