Samsung Galaxy S6 How to print via WiFi – Tip

If you have not yet known: There is the possibility to print documents and photos directly from your Samsung Galaxy S6 by sending them directly to the printer. The transmission takes place via WiFi. Printing from your smartphone is very useful, but it requires a bit of preparation beforehand, which is why we now show you here how to print to the Samsung Galaxy S6 via WiFi:

Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Open from your home screen the main menu and then the Settings.

2. In the section "Connections" you will find the menu item "Additional connection settings". Tap on this and you access a submenu, where you will find the advanced "Print" menu.

3. In the Print submenu, you now find already several preinstalled "printer driver". These are:

  • Samsung HP Printers
  • Epson Printers
  • Additional printer plugins can be installed on the Samsung Galaxy S6 by tapping the corresponding button.

4. The plugins correspond to the printer driver in Windows. This means that the plugin searches for printers that are available via Wi-Fi. Via the "more" button within the printer plugins the print settings can be changed.

This includes, for example:

  • two-sided printing
  • level control
  • Note Quality
  • Layout

Depending on the printer plug-in the above printer settings can change. That was all about it. You know now how to print on the Samsung Galaxy S6 via WiFi.


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