Samsung Galaxy S6 How to quit apps in RAM

When you open on the Samsung Galaxy S6 an app, then this will be outsourced in the RAM. RAM stands for random-access memory, thus the working-memory of the smartphone. The RAM size on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is 3GB. The Android operating system will fill the RAM of your smartphone, because apps can be performed more quickly when they get accessed. However, this can lead in rare cases to performance problems. That´s why we show you here how to quit apps that are loaded in RAM.

For that open on the Samsung Galaxy S6 from the Home Screen:

Menu --> Smart Manager

Tap in the Smart Manager on "RAM" and there will all the apps and system applications from Android appear that are currently used in the RAM.

You can now quit either individual apps or by means of the button "End all" clear the RAM of your Samsung Galaxy S6completly. Finished! You now know how to empty on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the RAM.

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