Samsung Galaxy S6 How to readout CPU temperature – Solution

Sometimes it may be necessary to readout the CPU temperature of the Samsung Galaxy S6. This is for example the case, when your Samsung Galaxy S6 is too hot to use for the function of the quick-charging. To know exactly how hot the processor of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is, you can download and installthe following app from the Google Play Store: CPU Z

With this app, it is possible to readout the temperature of the processor. Have you installed the app on your Samsung Galaxy S6, open it please. So you see several tabs, all of which are filled with information on your Samsung Galaxy S6 CPU. In order to read the CPU temperature of the Samsung Galaxy S6, change on the tab "thermal".

Here you can now read at "Exynos-Therm" your CPU temperature. In normal operation, this should thus have approximately around 40 °C or 104° F.

You know now how to identify and readout the CPU temperature on the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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