Samsung Galaxy S6 How to show a cursor? Solution

You can use on your Samsung Galaxy S6, if you wish, cursor. This function allows you to use the phone like a Windows PC. We'll show you how you can display a cursor in Android on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

This works very simply by activating the following settings:

Open from your home screen the following submenu:

Menu --> Settings -->Accessibility -->Dexterity and interaction -->Assistant menu

Activate this menu now via the slider at the top right. You will now see a circle with four squares on the screen. Tap on this circle and open the just-activated assistant menu. Scroll down a bit until "cursor" appears. Activate this now and you have a cursoris displayed on the Samsung Galaxy S6.
With the touch pad you can now move the cursor and click at menu items like a mouse pad. You just turned your Samsung Galaxy S6 into a small PC. Have fun with this little gimmick ;-)



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