Samsung Galaxy S6 How to start in safe mode - Solved

If you have installed an app on the Samsung Galaxy S6 from the Google Play Store, then it can lead to problems. These problems can affect a variety of ways such as Android system crashes or reboots of your Smartphone. That's why you can now try to start your Samsung Galaxy S6 in the so-called Safe Mode to check whether the cause of the error is due to a third-party app.

When you boot the Samsung Galaxy S6 in safe mode only the important system files from Android are loaded. Third-party applications that you have downloaded yourself will not be started. Since only the system applications are loaded, you can check whether the error is caused by an installed app.

And now we show you how you can boot your Samsung Galaxy S6 in Safe Mode.

Switch off your Samsung Galaxy S6 completely. Now turn your Samsung Galaxy S6 on again, but keep pressing the Volume down button. Keep the button pressed until you see the pin-request is displayed. You can now already see at the bottom left the Button "Safe Mode". That's it! You now have your Samsung Galaxy S6 booted into safe mode.

You now know how to start the Samsung Galaxy S6 in Safe Mode.


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