Samsung Galaxy S6 How to stick screen protector foil – Manual

To protect the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6, there are various protective foils available, which can be glued to this. Thus, the screen is protected from damage such as scratches, which may well occur in transit of the Samsung Galaxy S6 in your pocket.

The sticking of the protection foilworks very well after we have considered a few tips. Because if you do not know exactly how to proceed with the sticking of the film, then small bubbles under the film can occur. These bubbles usually came from trapped dust particles and are no longer rid after attaching the film.

To ensure that your first attempt to stick the protective film to your smartphone works without any problems we have created a small step by step guide that explains the sticking of a protective film on the display of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Preparation for attaching the screen protector:

The following equipment should be available:

  • Small Cleaning cloth (disposable and already moistened)
  • Do not use the enclosed dusters of the screen protector. These usually have poor quality and produce more dust on the display when they clean it.
  • plastic card (For instance, EC card, passport, etc.)

Adhesive Place:

You do not know how important this point is for a bubble-free application of the protective foil. You should take the bathroom, sincehere usually the least dust is in the open air. It is important that dust is as little as possible in the air, as adust particle already can produce air bubbles under the protection film.

To improve the situation, it helps if you stick the film, for example, after showering. The high humidity binds the grains of dust, which can then no longer be reflected on your screen. When humidity is high, the film can be applied best.

Sticking the protective film on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

Now go down to business!

First clean the screen very thoroughly! Take also a lens cloth and remove the coarse dirt such as dust, fingerprints etc. Afterdrying use again a lens cleaning cloth.

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 display should now be completely free of dust.

Now you have to be fast:

Take the protector foiland subtract the first side of the foil protection and begin to stick the film slowly from top to the bottom of your smartphone. Here nothing can go wrong when the display is clean. The film sticks immediately and also bubbles raises barely.

Despite our diligence, we still have a small speck of dust on the screen which has emerged air bubbles under the film. These bubbles can now be gently pushed by the plastic card to the edge.

If the film on the Samsung Galaxy S6 sticks as desired, carefully strip off the second protecting film. Voila, done!

As you can see a clean screen is very important.

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