Samsung Galaxy S6 How to take good night shots with the camera

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has integrated an excellent camera, with which you can create on the road very nice pictures. During the day that it is very easy to take almost nice and sharp images. But if it becomes dark and dim, then it is recommended to adaptthe camera settings of the Samsung Galaxy S6, to get the most of the camera. We give you here are a few tips to receive some beautiful night shotswith the Samsung Galaxy S6.

1.Enable HDR mode

One of the main options for beautiful night shots with the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the HDR mode. This optimizes contrast, saturation and other parameters so that the image looks sharper at the end.The HDR mode can be activated on the bar at the top of the screen within the "Auto Mode" of the camera.

2. Increase ISO to ISO 400

The higher the ISO value, the more light is collected. However, the quality of the photo will be affected. If it is particularly dark the Samsung Galaxy S6automatically adjusts the highest ISO setting. This is ISO 800. We recommend you to put the Iso value manually when shooting at night at 400 so in favor of the image quality. You only can change the ISO in the camera mode "Pro". Here you can now tap "ISO" and set this value via the controller manually. Select here ISO 400.

3. Switch off the flash

At night, the flash of the Samsung Galaxy S6 must be turned off, otherwise the view width of the photos are strongly decreased. The flash can be easily disabled by tapping on the top at the flash icon in the camera app.

4. Use self-timer Timer

If possible use the self-timer of the Samsung Galaxy S6 before you create a night scene, to prevent camera shake by the hand. As a rule, however, this is due to the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 not so easy to solve. The self-timer can also be activated from Live View screen.

You have now learned four different tips that can help you to take better pictures at night with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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