Samsung Galaxy S6 How to transfer images to your computer –Solved

If you have many images stored on your Samsung Galaxy S6, then you want certainly save them from time to time on the computer so that they are not lost.

If you do not know how to transfer the images to your computer, then we would like to explain briefly how to proceed:

Use the USB cable, which was delivered with your Samsung Galaxy S6. Connect the cable to a free USB port of your PC and the Micro-USB connector of your Samsung Galaxy S6. Now Windows will install the necessary device drivers, which may take a few minutes.

After installing the device driver, the computer can now be used to access the Samsung Galaxy S6. You see then a window"Auto play" in which you can select the next action:.
Select here:

  • Open folder to view files

Your now accesses the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Should you not have a folder with "Phone", then you must now unlock the lock screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6. Unlock it with wiping, pin, pattern, or fingerprint. Without unlocking any files of your Samsung Galaxy S6 are displayed on the computer.

Now open the following path in order to let you view your pictures:

  • Computer \ Galaxy S6 edge \ Phone \ DCIM \ Camera

This folder contains all images which you have taken with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Copy or moves them now by clicking once with the right mouse button on one or all the images and then select the corresponding operation.

You know now, how to transfer pictures to your computer from the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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