Samsung Galaxy S6 How to use Knox Active Protection - Solved

There is on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the opportunity, next regular scans for malware, to activate the so-called Knox active protection. The Knox active protection on the Samsung Galaxy S6 gives you additional protection against malicious attacks to your smartphone. This additional protection prevents that malicious software can access the source code as well as the critical kernel code of the Android system.

Because Knox Active Protection is disabled by default on the Samsung Galaxy S6, we now show you how you can enable this option to increase the device security of your smartphone.

Preliminary info: If the Knox Active Protection is enabled, the start-up of your Samsung Galaxy S6 lasts for about one second longer!

Open now on the Samsung Galaxy S 6 from the home screen:

Menu --> Settings --> lock screen and security --> Device Security

You now see the opportunity to set the Knox active protection to active in this sub-menu of the Android operating system. Move the control bar to "On". Subsequently, the smartphone needs to be restarted to make the changes take effect. Finished!

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 is now provided with a real-time protection, which is intended to prevent malicious attacks on your beloved Samsung Galaxy S6. Nevertheless, we recommend you to install in addition a virus scanner from the Google Play store.

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