Samsung Galaxy S6 How to use Mobile Hotspot – Solved

By setting up a mobile hotspot on the Samsung Galaxy S6 you can usedevices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth the mobile data connection of the smartphone with other devices. This is a very useful featurefor example to access the Internetwith the laptop on the go. The mobile hotspot, called Access Point, can beactivated as follows on the Samsung Galaxy S6 within Android:

Open from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 the menu and then the settings. Tap here now on "mobile hotspot and tethering". In the next sub-menu choose “mobile HotSpot”.

By sliding the controller, the access point can now be enabled on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

You can now set up your laptop or other Wi-Fi by searching for the wireless network "AndroidAP". This is the Wi-Fi hotspot of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Connect now your laptop with the hotspot of the Samsung Galaxy S6. At the password prompt, enter the password, which will be displayed on the Samsung Galaxy S6 tethering menu.

Your laptop now connects to the Internet via the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its mobile data connection.

You know now how to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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