Samsung Galaxy S6 How to use Multi Window - New Version

On the Samsung Galaxy S6 one will search in vain for the multi-window bar. But unfortunately this no longer exists. Instead, the multi-window feature was now integrated in a new twist on the Samsung Galaxy S6. There are two different ways:

1. Splitscreen

The split screen on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a known version of the Multi Window features. With this feature you can now display the app on top of the screen and another app at the bottom. To use this feature, please proceed as follows:

Tap on the left soft key button on the Samsung Galaxy S6. So you see the application window with all the apps that you had open the last time you. Each app is a preview-screen in which the upper right corner two symbols can be found.

Tap here on the icon with the two squares on one another, the. This icon represents the "split screen", which will be displayed immediately. Here for example WhatsApp can be displayed on the Samsung Galaxy S6 in the upper part of the screen. In the lower part of the screen you can normally use other apps or settings etc.

2. Pop-Up View

This function is also started from the Task Manager. Press again once on the left soft key of the Samsung Galaxy S6. So you see again the apps listed that you have used lately. Tap here now on an app and remain long with your finger on it, until the app window can be placed on the display. You can now run multiple apps on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6 at the same time with this MultiWindow variant.

You know now how the Multi Window functioncan be used on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and where to find the option "Pop-Up".

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