Samsung Galaxy S6 How to view picture recording date – Solved

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is ideal in order to take photographs on holiday. So over time a lot of pictures are collected. At this point you may think about a picture:

"What was the date and time I took the picture with my Samsung Galaxy S6?"

To clarify this issue, you can get the right information on your Samsung Galaxy S6 within the gallery app. For every image an EXIF ​​file information is collected and added to the photo. In addition to resolution, shutter speed, aperture, etc. also the date and time will be listed there.

We tell you now, how you can get this information on the Samsung Galaxy S6 for a photo:

First open the Gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Search for the image from which you like to want to know the date of recording. If this is displayed on the screen, then tap in the upper right on the button "More" and select as the next step "Details."

Now all the details for this photo are listed, which are stored in the EXIF ​​file. At the top you can see the recording date and Time of the photo.
You know now how to look up on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the recording date of a photo.


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