Samsung Galaxy S6 increase vibration intensity – Settings

If the preset vibration intensity of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is too low for your, then you can increase it a little bit more within the Android operating system. Because from stock the maximum vibration intensity is not adjusted. If you don´t know how you can increase on the Samsung Galaxy S6, the intensity of vibration, then we would like to explain this in more detail here.

Open on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the menu and then the Settings. Tap here now on the menu item "Sound &Notifiactions". There you can now tap on "Vibrations" to navigate into the corresponding submenu. Here the "vibration intensity" option can be found. Tap on the entry and you will receive various control bars to adjust the vibration of your Samsung Galaxy S6. You can select:

  • Incoming call
  • Notifications
  • Vibration Feedback

Move the knob as far as it goes to the right to obtain the maximum vibration intensity on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Finished!

You know now how to increase the vibration intensity on the Samsung Galaxy S6, so you can better feel the vibration for incoming calls, notifications etc.


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