Samsung Galaxy S6 Install remote control app

The Samsung Galaxy S6 offers you the chance to control your TV as a remote control, as the required hardware has been installed for it. However, no app on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is preinstalled from stock, with which you could control the TV. If you want to use your Samsung Galaxy S6 as a remote control, then you must be independently download and install an app. The easiest way is to use the App Market "Google Play".

Here you can download the following apps, which can then control your TV with the IR diode of the Samsung Galaxy S6. We recommend the following apps:

Smart Remote
Samsung Watch On
Smart TV Remote

After you have installed and configured on your Samsung Galaxy S6 one of the apps you can control your television. The apps support almost all popular TV that are currently on the market.
You know now how to use IR-diode of the Samsung Galaxy S6 as a remote control for the TV. Have fun with it!


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