Samsung Galaxy S6 is always slow – Tips

There may be times when your Samsung Galaxy S6 reacts slowly while you enter text, scrolling through the menu or using a smartphone app. This usually has to do with the operating system Android.

If you notice that your Samsung Galaxy S6 is felt more and more slowly, then we here want to give you a few tips on how the smartphone with Android can be accelerated again.

The following tips will help to make a slow Samsung Galaxy S6 faster again:

1. Restart your Samsung Galaxy S6

Most of you use the Samsung Galaxy S6 in continuous operation: use it over day - charge at night. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is turned off rare, but should be made by thoroughly to get back the desired performance. Check under Menu --> Settings --> Device Information --> Status --> Duration how long your Samsung Galaxy S6 is already running. Every time here over 240 hours means to you: Restart your smartphone. The performance should be much better afterwards.

2. Perform Wipe cache partition on your phone

By a Wipe cache partition the old system files from your Samsung Galaxy S6 will be deleted, which may solves speed problems. The Wipe cache partition can be initialized on the Samsung Galaxy S6 as follows: Instructions

3. Free up RAM

Maybe Apps are activein your RAM that require nonstop CPU performance and thus slow down the Samsung Galaxy S6. These should be shut downwith the Android Task Manager. Open from the Home screen the menu and then the app "Smart Manager". Tap in the app on "RAM". In the section "Background Apps" tap now on the button "End All". This will improve performance. Info: An app can be automatically started again, if this is provided by the Android system.

4. Restore your S6 to factory settings

Should nonen of the tips above help, then you can still set the Samsung Galaxy S6 to factory settings. Here, however, all your data will be deleted and the system is reloaded onto the smartphone. We recommend this variant as a last resort.

You have now learned four ways to speed up a slow Samsung Galaxy S6 again. We hope that these tips have helped to improve your Samsung Galaxy S6 performance.

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