Samsung Galaxy S6 Kids mode - Password forgotten

Should you have on the Samsung Galaxy S6 installed the app "kids mode" which turns the Smartphone into a child suitable mobile phone, then you also have to set a password. This password is to protect your child to use before other settings and modules than what you have personally released.

Now we turn our children's mode on the Samsung Galaxy S6 usually quite quickly, with the result that you may forget the password for this mode. If this is the case and you can no exempt longer your Samsung Galaxy S6 from the Children mode, then we here show you a trick how it works:

Samsung Galaxy S6

To deactivate the child mode, if you forget the password, please proceed as follows:

1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S6. To turn off the phone, press once on the Power button and then choose "Shut down".

2. Restart the Samsung Galaxy S6 again, but this time in safe mode. For this purpose, turn the Samsung Galaxy S6 on again and press after the first short vibrate immediately the Volume button down (volume down). Keep this button pressed until the Samsung Galaxy S6 is fully ramped up and the letters "Safe Mode" are displayed down left.

3. You now find yourself in the standard user interface of Touch Wiz

4. Now open Menu --> Settings --> Application Manager

5. Search on the "Installed Apps" tab for "Kids Mode" and tap on the entry to see the app info

6. In this you now have to tap on "Delete Data" and “Clear Cache".

7. Restart your Samsung Galaxy S6 and it should now display the familiar touch-Wiz interface

8. It may still appear a window with which action a process should be performed. Tap here on TouchWiz and select the button "Always"

You have now successfully terminated the Children mode on your Samsung Galaxy S6 although you have forgotten the password for it.

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