Samsung Galaxy S6 LED lights up when a call or SMS comes in - Solved

When receiving a SMS or a call on the Samsung Galaxy S6 you may recognize that the LED light, which normally functions as a camera flash, flashes and lights up.

Should you wonder why the LED flash of the camera lights up when a call or a text message is received, then we would like to answer that and show you the appropriate settings in Android here.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The flashlight notification setting can be found as follows on your Samsung Galaxy S6:

1. Open from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 the menu and then the Settings

2. Scroll down to "Accessibility" and tap on the menu item

3. Select here "Hearing"

4. With the controller at "flash notification" you can now disable the option so that you will no longer receive a Camera LED light Flash when you receive a call a text message.

You know now why the camera flash of your Samsung Galaxy S6 flashes when a call or a text message arrives.


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