Samsung Galaxy S6 Let alarm clock ring every day

If you use your Samsung Galaxy S6 to wake up, then you will certainly use the alarm function of the "Clock app". If you have already set an alarm clock and wonder now why this does not ring a daily basis, then we would like to show you briefly what settings must be set in order for the alarm to sound every day.

When you open on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the clock app and switch to the tab "Alarm", then you can set up a new alarm clock here with the "Add" button. Tap on the button and you can set the time, the alarm sound should ring and also the repetition.

To let the alarm clock ring every day tap on "Repeat". Now it is important that you put at the topthe hookinto the checkbox for "Every day". Only then, the alarm clock of your Samsung Galaxy S6 sounds really every day.

You now know how to make the alarm of the Samsung Galaxy S6 ringing every day.

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