Samsung Galaxy S6 Mobile Data Toggle is away - official Samsung Fix

We have recently reported about the fact that for many Samsung Galaxy S6 usersthe Mobile Data Shortcut disappeared suddenly in the status bar. This toggle could not be restored. Only a factory reset helped for a short time.

Numerous complaints lead Samsung to develop an official patch or fix for this issue with the disappearance of the mobile data toggle. This fix can now be downloaded directly from the Galaxy App Store.

We tell you now, how you can install this fix precisely:

Open on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the App Store from Samsung called "Galaxy Apps". Search here now for: "QuickPanel Restore"
If you have the app found, then install and executeit. Tap on the button "Restore" in the middle, and your Mobile data icon is immediately available in the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S6. You have to move it again only in the visible range. Pull to the status bar down and then tap in the the top right on "Edit". You can now move the mobile data in the visible range of the status bar. Tap on "Done" to accept the setting.

You know now how to bring the toggle to activate the mobile data back on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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