Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile dataroaming - save money abroad

If you are traveling abroad with your Samsung Galaxy S6 and need to access the mobile data networkthen this can be quite expensive sometimes. Especially when the data per 1 MB of data is calculated.

Because usually if your Samsung Galaxy S6 connects via the mobile data network it first loads a lot of data synchronized in the background with the Internet. These include, for example WhatsApp, Google Account, Google Play Store, Email, Samsung account, Shazam ... and many more, depending on what apps you have installed.

So if you would liketo retrieve only information from a Web siteabroad, then data is already sent and received in the background that cost you money. That is why we recommend you to disable the synchronization of all applications previously. There is in Android the useful feature of the master synchronization:

So we show you how to reduceroaming charges of mobile data network by deactivating the master synchronization on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Openon the Samsung Galaxy S6 from the home screen:

Menu --> Settings -->Accounts

Tap here now at the top on the button "More" and then "Turn off Auto Sync" within the pop-up menu. Finished!You can now surf the Internet without the background data is synchronized by your used accounts.

 This setting saves you valuable data volume, which isusuallynot cheap abroad.

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