Samsung Galaxy S6 Network and Signal Problems - Tip

If you want to make calls with your Samsung Galaxy S6 and you can hear your call partner very difficult, because a noise or disconnection interfere, then you should fix the network and signal problems with this small tip.

Usually one has the problems described above with the Samsung Galaxy S6 in buildings and houses. The reason is that in buildings the HSPA or UMTS network cannotprovide its full power. So you can only make a call with a very low signal strength within buildings in one of these networks. Mostly, however, it would be better if the Samsung Galaxy S6 would switch to GSM mode. GSM is better local developed than LTE, HSPA and UMTS network and has therefore very often a better signal and network power when making calls.

Therefore, we recommend to switchthe Samsung Galaxy S6manually in the GSM mode if you have network problems while phoning.

Simply open on your smartphone the following path:

Menu --> Settings --> Mobile networks --> Network mode

Select here now withinthe list "GSM only". Finished! Your Samsung Galaxy S6 will now connect only with the GSM network, so that the signal strength of the telephone network should rise in the status bar.

The calls should now be working in a very good voice quality.

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