Samsung Galaxy S6 only one phone number can be saved in contacts

When creating a new contact on your Samsung Galaxy S6, it may be that you wonder why you can only add a single phone number to the new contact and otherwise barely fields such as address, e-mail etc. are available to store them.

The reason is usually the following:

Samsung Galaxy S6

If you create the new contact and select as location "Sim card", then you have only limited possibilities to store data there.

These usually consists of name, phone number and perhaps another data field depending on the provider. Unfortunately the Sim card provides only these few contact options due to the small storage capacity. So, if you need to store more data in a contact select either the phone memory or the Google or Samsung account. Here you have a lot of fields that you also can expand if you need it.

You know now why you can enter a phone number for a contact.

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