Samsung Galaxy S6 - perform hard reset with key combination

It may happen after a certain point that the Samsung Galaxy S6 no longer boots the Android operating system. This is of course unfavorable because performing a factory reset using Android is no longer possible.

Thankfully, there is still the possibility to factory reset the Samsung Galaxy S6 by using a key combination. This is known mostly by the term "hard reset". We tell you now how to reset the Samsung Galaxy S6 to factory settings when you do not longer have access into the Android operating system.
Small info in advance: All data on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is deleted!
To initialize the hard reset, first switch off your Samsung Galaxy S6.
Now press the following buttons to turn the Smartphone on again and keep it pressed:

• Power On / Off
• Volume +
• Home button

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 vibrates once, let the power on/ off button go, but keep the other two keys from the key combination pressed until a small menu appears on the screen.
In this menu you will now find the entry: "Wipe Cache factory reset"

Select the entry by using the volume down button. By pressing the power on/ off button of your Samsung Galaxy S6 the Wipe Cache Factory Reset is started. All data on your smartphone is now deleted and the Android operating system gets then fresh reinstalled.

You've now successfully performed a hard reset via hotkey and set your Samsung Galaxy S6 to factory settings.

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