Samsung Galaxy S6 picture in gallery disappeared

It may happen on the Samsung Galaxy S6 that a picture you have taken with your smartphone, can no longer be found within the Android gallery app, although this is definitely saved on the internal memory. Cause here's the Android Gallery app, which does not display images for some reason. That is why we recommend the following if your Android Gallery cannot find a picture of what your 100% know that it must be there.

  1. Restart Samsung Galaxy S6

With the Reboot, the media scanner of Android starts scanning for new media, what usually leads in that the lost image reappears. If that does not help, test the following:

  1. Install alternative Gallery app and check if this app can find the image

Download QuickPic on your Samsung Galaxy S6 from the Google Play Store. Open the app and check if it can find the picture on the memory of your smartphone. If so, then the error is still located in the Android Gallery.

Then a Wipe Cache may help to solve the problem.


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