Samsung Galaxy S6 RAM is very busy - why?

If you navigate in your Samsung Galaxy S6 in the menu and then open the app "Smart Manager", then you will notice that your RAM is busy usually between 70% and 90%.
Definitely you will ask the question:

Why is the Ram of my Samsung Galaxy S6 in use, even though I'm not using any apps at the moment?

Samsung Galaxy S6

The answer is as follows:

Android optimizes the memory usage of the RAM independent. Apps will only be removed from the RAM when the memory is needed by a new app. The advantage is that already opened apps can be launched much faster. The loading process of an application is shorter.

This means that you do not have to try to get free ram, because the Android system memory is always used as good as possible.

We hope that you understand now why the RAM of your Samsung Galaxy S6 is busy, and why it makes no sense to empty this manually.



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