Samsung Galaxy S6 rapid charging is not possible - Why?

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 has the unique function of "fast charging" so that it is possible to charge the battery in a very short time. If your hanging your smartphone to the charger and this will load quickly through Rapid Charging, then you realize that on an information in the status bar: "Quick-charging"
If this is not the case and your Samsung Galaxy S6 will not load quickly, then this can have the following backgrounds:

1.The Samsung Galaxy S6 is not charged with the supplied charger

Only the original Samsung charger provides the fast charging of the Samsung Galaxy S6. If you use an older charger, then this cannot build the necessary charging current to enable fast charging.

2. The CPU or the surroundings of your Samsung Galaxy S6 is too hot

Because heat is generated by the rapid charging of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and this may result in connection with a hot CPU or ambient air to technical damage, fast charging is automatically disabled, depending on the situation. Remedy here: switching off the device, move it to a cool place.

If you havementioned the two reasons above corrected them, then your Samsung Galaxy S6 should be quickly loaded without problems. So that your battery is fully charged and in no time ready for use.

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