Samsung Galaxy S6 Readout Product Code - Solved

Every Samsung Galaxy S6 is equipped with a so-called product code, which also tells from which country the devicecomes or if it is provided with a branding. This information is important because, for example, an unbranded Samsung Galaxy S6 is usually supplied faster with new firmware updates, as smartphones that are branded by a provider. Partially there are delays of new updates up to several months.

We therefore recommend to always choose the unbrandet version of a smartphone. Below we tell you now, how you can check on the Samsung Galaxy S6 which variant you have.

Open the phone app and then the numeric keypad. Type now by using the keypad the following code combination: *#1234#

Now, a small info box, where the product code can be read appears. Under "CSC" you see now your Product code: G925FDBTXXXX

You know now, how you can readout on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the product code to check whether you possess anunbranded or a branded version.


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