Samsung Galaxy S6 Record Interviews – How to do

Maybe during school or during your studies you have to take an interview. Most of us has no professional equipment for interviews, but that is not needed, because you have a Samsung Galaxy S6.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is very good to record interviews, provided one uses the correct settings. This we want to briefly explain:

To record an interview with the Samsung Galaxy S6, proceed as follows:
Open the menu and then the app “Voice Recorder”. Is the app open, then tap at the top left on the "Capture mode". A small window opens with:

  • Standard
  • Interview
  • Voice recorder

Select here "Interview". In this mode, the top and bottom microphone of the Samsung Galaxy S6 reacts much more sensitive to noise. Hold the phone in direction of your interviewees and on yourself.

So very good interview recordings are possible with the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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