Samsung Galaxy S6 record videos in slow motion - Tips

The Samsung Galaxy S6 with its excellent camera can of course also record videos in slow motion format. Videos in slow motion can give you impressions of fast processes that would be imperceptible to the human eye. So you can, for example, observe the impact of a water drop in slow motion, which is quite an exciting affair.

We tell you now where to find the slow motion function or the slow-motion mode on the Samsung Galaxy S6.
For this purpose, please first open the Camera app on your Samsung Galaxy S6. You now see the live camera image. Tap now on the "Mode" button below. Among the different modes you can now select the "slow-motion" mode.

If you now take a video with the Samsung Galaxy S6, this is automatically recorder in slow motion. Via the Settings (gear) it can be determined how slow or "fast" the slow motion should be.

You know now how to take on the Samsung Galaxy S6 videos in slow motion with the camera.



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