Samsung Galaxy S6 Recording failed - Camera app

It can happen to you that you get displayed the following message when you take a picture: "Recording failed". This notification informs you that no photo or video can be recorded with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The cause of the error is usually not clear, but hopefully may be solved by our tips below. These are the following:

Solution 1: Samsung Galaxy S6 – perform a restart

Samsung Galaxy S6

Most of the errors like "Recording failed" can be very well solved by rebooting the Samsung Galaxy S6. The reason for the error is usually the Android operating system, which most of the time has been running for several days without a reboot. To reboot, press once for about two seconds the power on/ off button, and then tap in the newly opened window on "Restart".

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 will now restart and it should appear no error with the corresponding warning on your Samsung Galaxy S6 display.

Solution 2: Delete data and cache in the Application Manager

Here you must now reset the Android camera app. This works with the Android application manager. This can be found as follows:

1. Start from your home screen and tap on Menu --> Settings --> Applications --> Application Manager --> tab "All".

2. Search now in this list for the following entry: "Camera"

3. Did you find the entry, tap on it and the app information will open. In this you will find three different buttons you have to tap in the following order:

  • Force stop
  • Clear cache
  • Delete data

Note: settings, such as resolution, flash mode, etc. are fully reset by this action!

Have you touched the three buttons, then restart your, as we have described it in solution .1 Open after the restart the camera app from Android on the Samsung Galaxy S6. The recording error may be gone. If not, go on to the next tip.

Solution 3: Check the camera to a technical defect

If the mentioned solutions have not worked with your phone, then there may be a hardware defect. To test this, you have to navigate to the Samsung Service menu:

1. Open the Phone app and then jump on the "keypad".

2. Type now the following secret code: *#0*#

3. In the Service menu, you must now tap on the "Mega Cam" pile.

4. This is a test for the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and is controlled by an extra software. Thus, be ruled out that the failure is triggered by the Android camera app.

If the camera works in this Service test menu, everything is fine and there is a serious problem with the Android camera app. A factory reset is then able to remedy the situation. Also an alternative app like Google camera may solve the problem.

If the test does also not work and no camera image is displayed, then probably the camera module is really defective on your Samsung Galaxy S6. If that's the case, only a repair at a service shop helps.

Solution 4: Reduce resolution

It may help to decrease the resolution of the camera or the video camera.

Due to the lower resolution the smartphone needs less data to be calculated, which implies sometimes that the error "Recording failed" disappears. Then reuse the higher resolution and test to see if it works again.

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