Samsung Galaxy S6 Restore deleted WhatsApp messages

If you have deleted by mistake on your Samsung Galaxy S6 an older message within Whatsapp, which you want to restore necessarily, then you're lucky. At least then, if the time has not yet passed 4.00 o clock in the morning after deleting.

Why 4.00 o clock in the morning?

WhatsApp automatically creates once a day at night at 4:00 clock a backup. Here, the previous backup will be deleted and replaced by the current database.
To import this backup and restore the deleted message proceed as follows:
Uninstall on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the app "WhatsApp". Should you be asked whether the database should be deleted, select "No". It is just the app WhatsApp which should be deleted.

Then install WhatsApp again from the Google Play store:

If you open WhatsApp now, then you will be asked if you wish to restore the existing chat history. Confirm the question with "yes".
FYI: All messages that you have received in the morning until now obtained of 4.00 clock, are deleted! Thus, this procedure makes sense only if the deleted message, which should be restored, is older than 24 hours.

Your WhatsApp chat is now restored and your old WhatsApp message should reappear again. We hope that this guide has helped you to get an important message in WhatsApp back again.


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