Samsung Galaxy S6 S Health Heart Rate Monitor is not available?

If you would like to use the heart rate monitor on the back of your Samsung Galaxy S6, then the fitness app "S Health" is it already installed on the device. With S Health you can save on the Samsung Galaxy S6 different fitness data about yourself.

This includes the measurement data of your pulse. Thus you can measure with S Health the pulse by the integrated heart rate monitor of the Samsung Galaxy S6.But this option must be activated first within the app. How this works, we now want to explain to you in this article:

First open on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the fitness app S Health.

You now find yourself on the overview screen. Top right you can see now a menu item with "more". Tap on the button and you will see a small pop-up menu. Select "Manage elements" please. You can now select the fitness elements to be displayed on your S Health Monitor. Enables here now the entry "Pulse" by the slider. Likewise, you can also activate "stress" to measure with the heart rate monitor of the Samsung Galaxy S6 your stress level.
If you now navigate back to the home screen of S Health, then you can now find a tile with "pulse", and the button "Measure". Tap on the button to take your pulse using the pulse sensor of your Samsung Galaxy S6. This is then displayed to you in "BPM", so beats per minute.

You know now how to activate in the S Health app the“Heart Rate Monitor” of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and thus can measure your own resting heart rate.

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