Samsung Galaxy S6 save battery power - Our Tips

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has integrated a lot of high-quality technology and of course consumes much battery power. If you do not want to charge your smartphone so often, there may be one or two of you who would like to save some battery power. We wantexplain now the most successful tools to save battery on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

1. Turn off unneeded hardware on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Hardware components, such as e.g. GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi. consume when activated battery power of Samsung Galaxy S6. So disable all hardware features that you do not ever need.
To do this pull down the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and disable the functions via the shortcut.

You can save a lot of electricity especially during deactivation of the following functions:

  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Rotate screen
  • NFC
  • Gestures
  • Smart Stay
  • SmartScroll

These functions all use hardware components and should therefore not be permanently activated on your phone if you want to save battery power.

2. Turn off apps that you do not use, but which need a lot of processing power in stand-by of the Samsung Galaxy S6

These apps can be very easy found out on your Samsung Galaxy S6 by downloading the appAndroid Assistant from the Google Play store.Do you have the app downloaded and installed then open the app Android Assistant. Tap on "processes" tab to view the processes currently running. Note the apps that require a lot of processing power at idle.

Then go from the home screen of the Galaxy S6 in Menu --> Settings --> Applications --> Application Manager --> tab "All" and search for the apps that you previously identified as unnecessary electricity guzzlers on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Disable these apps by tapping in the Application Manager on the corresponding entry, then touch in the App Information Card the button "Disable". The app and its functions are now turned off and are no longer active. You should therefore only disable these apps if you really do not use them.

3. Turn the Samsung Galaxy S6 into the GSM mode

By switching from the automatic mode or automatically LTE Mode to GSM only mode. A change of the mobile frequency bandsS6 is prevented on the Samsung Galaxy, so battery power can be saved.
Turn your Samsung Galaxy S6 in the GSM mode by going to Menu --> Settings --> Mobile networks - Select and activate“Network mode” and there "GSM only".
Remember that the speed when surfing the Internet is not particularly high in GSM mode. If necessary, you should switch back here to “automatic”.

4. Switch the Samsung Galaxy S6 at night in the airplane mode

If you do not need your Samsung Galaxy S6 at night and do not receive important calls, etc., then it is worthwhile to switch to airplane mode. All transmitting and receiving modules are disabled on your smartphone, so that enormous battery power can be saved. Thus possible losses of battery in the night is only 1-2% of capacity.

5. Use the integrated power saving mode

Samsung has already integrated a power saving mode in the Android settings. Enable this to save even more energy. Activate the Power saving mode by pulling down the status bar and tap the appropriate icon.

6. Make use of the brightness slider for the screen

In the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S6 you can see a slider for adjusting the screen brightness of the display. Always try to keep this as much as possible at the lowest level. Since the screen is one of the main energy consumers it should always be adjusted manually here because the automatic correction does not bring the desired results in terms of energy saving.

If you follow some of the tips for saving battery power listed here at the Samsung Galaxy S6, then you will very quickly get a longer battery life, that can be felt.

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