Samsung Galaxy S6 Save GPS location in pictures – Tip

If you take pictures with your Samsung Galaxy S6, then there is the possibility to save the GPS location within the EXIF ​​filefrom which you have just shot the photo. So you can follow later exactly where this picture was shot. The function is called on your Samsung Galaxy S6 within the camera app: "Geo-Tagging".

In our guide we explain you now how to enable geo-tagging on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Open on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the Camera app. If you find yourself in the Live View screen, then tap in the upper left on the "gear icon". This will open the camera settings on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

In the camera settings, you can now activate "Geo Tagging". Move the regulator to "On". You will now be informed that GPS must be enabled and the following settings be set:

- Search Method: GPS, Wireless and mobile networks or Wi-Fi and mobile networks

Click on the button "Settings" and you can adapt this directly to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

If you now take a photo with your phone, then the GPS coordinatesare stored directly in the EXIF ​​file of the image. This can then be read out via the Gallery app or on a Windows PC.

You know now how you can save the GPS position within the image file on the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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