Samsung Galaxy S6 screen frozen – Solved

 It can happen to you on the Samsung Galaxy S6 that you can perform on your screen from now on no more touch inputs. The display is frozen. This is usually a software bug in Android or an installed app from the Google Play Store.

If you cannot perform any more touch inputs at your display and otherwise nothing works, then you can usually take out the battery to interrupt the power supply and restart your smartphone.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S6 has unfortunately installed a battery which cannot easily be replaced, this approach is no longer possible. But luckily there is a feature on the Samsung Galaxy S6 does just that without to remove the battery.

The solution is the so called “soft reset”

To start a soft reset on the Samsung Galaxy S6 proceed as follows:

Press and hold the Power On/ Off button on your Samsung Galaxy S6 for about 10 seconds. This will now turn off the Samsung Galaxy S6 immediately and then start it again.

Subsequently, the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be usedagain as usual, and it is advisable to examine where the crash with the subsequent freezing of the screen comes from.

You know now how to restart the Samsung Galaxy S6, if this does not respond to touch inputs or pressing buttons.

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