Samsung Galaxy S6 Set number from call log to Blacklist - Solved

If you ever get on your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone calls from an unknown number, then this can be quite a burden in the long run. To counteract this, simply put those numbers on the internal blacklist of your Samsung Galaxy S6. So this number cannot perform any calls on your smartphone, as they are blocked directly by the Samsung Galaxy S6. This very useful feature is implemented in the Phone app on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

We explain to you now how to put a number from the call log manually to auto rejection list.

To do this, open the Phone app on your smartphone. Now tap the top right on "More" and then on "Settings". In the next sub-menu, you can now tap "call rejection" and then open "Auto reject list". You can now block phone numbers. Tap the "Log" button and choose the number that has been trying to contact you, or what bothers you and you want to block.

Have you touched the entry, then this number is transferred in the field to transfer into the blacklist. With a tap on the plus sign, this number is now set to the block list of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

You now know how to put a number from the call log manually to the blacklist of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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