Samsung Galaxy S6 Set power saving mode permanently to active – Tip

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a power saving mode which reduces the power consumption of the smartphone and therefore the battery power can be saved. This causes the device to be charged later, as it would be the case without the power saving mode.

The power saving mode can be activated via the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy S6. If you tap the shortcut, then the power management mode is active.

Unfortunately this is not always the case,because the energy-saving mode is configured on the Samsung Galaxy S6 that it is only active when the battery level is 20%.

In other words, even though you have the power saving mode activated, it is not activated immediately. Do you want that the power saving mode is always active immediately when you enable this, then you must set the following setting: Start power save mode immediately

This setting can be set as follows:

Opens from the start screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 the menu and then the Settings. Tap here on "Battery" and then on "power saving mode" --> "start power saving".

You now have the following choices:


- At 5% battery power

- At 15% battery power

- At 20% battery power

- At 50% battery power

Set the mark at "Immediately".

When you see the power-saving mode on your Samsung Galaxy S6 is activated, all austerity measures to extend the battery life will be implemented immediately. Your battery accordinglywill last much longer.

You have now learned how to use the power saving mode of the Samsung Galaxy S6 from the start.


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