Samsung Galaxy S6 take photos without a shutter sound – Tips

Sometimes it can be useful to record photos without the shutter sound. This tone usually sounds as soon as you press the shutter button to take a photo on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

With that sound we should be informed that the photo was taken successfully. In a quiet environment, for example, an opera or a museum, it is disadvantageous when you hear this camera sound when taking pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S6. Therefore, we now want to give a hint on how to disable the camera sound and shutter sound for photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

There is unfortunately no option for it in the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Therefore, you must use the following trick:

In order to disable the camera shutter sound for the Samsung Galaxy S6 the smartphone must be switched in the vibration or silent mode. The fastest way is to pull down the notification bar and then tap on the speaker icon.

Have you enabled one of the two modes as described above, then you will immediately hear no more camera sound when taking photographs with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Unfortunately, there is only this solution without rooting the Samsung Galaxy S6 to disable the camera shutter sound..

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