Samsung Galaxy S6 touchscreen does not respond on certain spots – test your screen

If you have the feeling, that some spots on the Samsung Galaxy S6 touch screen does not respond correctly then we recommend to check this in more detail. Because should not respond to touch inputs of the display in some places, then a defect of the display could be. To test this, you can run on the Samsung Galaxy S6 a test to within the service menu.

We tell you how you can do this precisely to your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Use the Samsung Service Menu

Opens this as First From the Home screen, the Phone app. Changes in this on the keypad and then give the following code for the service menu:

  • *#0*#

It will appear on your display a menu, called the Samsung Service menu. In this you see several tiles, each tile represents a system test. Tapped Out here on "Touch". So you see a sort of "X" on the screen. This X and the edge you have to now depart with your finger on the display. The distance covered is marked in green. If you have painted everything, then the touch-test has been passed successfully and the display of the Samsung Galaxy S6 works flawlessly.

If a field is not to color, then the touch screen is broken at this point. Here you must now, unfortunately, return the phone and take advantage of your warranty.
You know now how to verify the Samsung Galaxy S6 touch display to function.

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