Samsung Galaxy S6 turns off for no reason - solution

It can happen to you at the Samsung Galaxy S6 that the smartphone switches off for no reason and then restarts again. This behavior is unusual and should be corrected as soon as possible. We give you a few tips on how to solve this problem:

1. Perform Wipe Cache Partition

With the Wipe cache partition you can delete on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the cache, in which no longer needed temporary files are stored. These "old" files can cause problems and crash the phone. In this guide we explain to you how you can perform on the Samsung Galaxy S6 a Wipe Cache partition.

2. Perform factory reset

Has the Wipe Cache not solved the problem, we recommend that you perform a factory reset. Here all system files will be uploaded new to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and therefore faulty structures are corrected.

The factory reset can be done very easily from the Android menu. We show you in the following article how to perform a factory reset: Samsung Galaxy S6 How to perform factory reset

3. Use warranty because battery is defective

Should this also have not helped, then  a defect with the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is state of the art. Here only the possibility to return the phone under warranty is given, because the battery is not replaceable for the first time in this model.

We hope that you were able to fix the problem on your Samsung Galaxy S6 with Tip 1 or 2.

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