Samsung Galaxy S6 USB Device not recognized – solution

It can happen to you on the Samsung Galaxy S6 that if you connect your smartphone to the PC via USB cable, the following message appears in the taskbar:

"USB Device Not Recognized - A device attached to the computer USB device does not work properly..."

If this error message appears, you cannot access the internal memory with the PC.

We now show you in our guide on how the computer recognizes your Samsung Galaxy S6 via USB again. For this purpose, please download the software Samsung Smart Switch to your computer:

Download Smart Switch for Windows

If you have installed the software, disconnect the Samsung Galaxy S6 from the USB port. Open now Samsung Smart Switch. At the top right in the software tap on the button "More".
Then tap on "Reinstall device driver". After this process is complete, plug the USB cable into a USB port on your computer that you have not previously used. Then connect the cable to the Samsung Galaxy S6. The drivers will be installed, which should now represent no more problems.

Then, the Windows Explorer opens with which you can access on the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S6. We hope that this tip has helped to connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 with your PC. If not, we recommend you to enable the USB Debugging. How it works explains the following article: How to enable USB debugging


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