Samsung Galaxy S6 Use Scientific Calculator

On your Samsung Galaxy S6 the app "calculator" is installed, which corresponds a simple calculator. If you are familiar with the app from lastAndroid smartphones, then you know that this app also has the ability to display a scientific calculator.

Now you ask yourself certainly where the button is placed to activate the scientific calculator on the Samsung Galaxy S6. There is no longer a menu to activate the scientific calculator.Instead, you can enablethe scientific calculator as follows on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

To use the scientific calculator on the Samsung Galaxy S6, the feature must be enabled by rotating the device. Therefor activate "Rotate screen" via the status bar. If so, then you have to hold the phone only cross. If the smartphone is held transversely the scientific calculator automatically appears on the display which also allows calculations with root, sine, tangent and Cosine, and quadratic functions.

You know now how to calculate complexarithmetic problemson the Samsung Galaxy S6 with the app "calculator".


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