Samsung Galaxy S6 virus scanner – how to start scan

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has for the first time installed a virus scanner from factory, with which you can search for threats on the smartphone. We recommend you to run this virus scanner from time to time, in order to increase the security on your Samsung Galaxy S6. The virus scanner is powered by Samsung in collaboration with McAffee. We show you now where you can find on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the pre-installed virus scanner.

Open from the home screen of your smartphone the main menu and then the Settings.
In these you will find if you scroll down a bit the "lock screen and security". Then the submenu opens, there you have to tap on "Device security" So you see a kind of shield. Is this yellow, then you should run a new scan urgently. If the sign is blue, then your Samsung Galaxy S6 has been recently scanned for threats.

If the sign is yellow, then scroll down and tap on the button "Scan device". The software now scans your smartphone to any threats.

Alternatively, you can open the antivirus software via the Smart Manager. Therefore tap on Menu --> Smart Manager --> Device security.

You know now how you can protect the Samsung Galaxy S6 from the factory with a virus scanner.


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