Samsung Galaxy S6 Where is my smartphone produced?

If you are interested in which country your Samsung Galaxy S6 has been produced, then you can read it out from your smartphone. This information is available on the motherboard of the Samsung Galaxy S6. With the right app you can easily retrieve this information. We show you now how you can find out on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the country of origin, where it was produced.

Download the following app from the Google Play Store: Phone Info Samsung

If you have downloaded and installed the app on your Samsung Galaxy S6, you can open it. Different information is now displayed in different tabs. Right in the first tab "General" you can now find the entry "country of origin". This corresponds to the location, where your Samsung Galaxy S6 was produced.

Most of the time "Made in Vietnam" is the country of origin of your Galaxy S6.

You know now how you can read out on the Samsung Galaxy S6, at which location the phone was manufactured.


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