Samsung Galaxy S6 Which camera sensor is installed - test it

Samsung has installed different camera sensors in its new Samsung Galaxy S6. There aremodules installed by Samsung itself, but also modules from Sony. The camera sensors are almost identical in performance, but there are still differences, which manifest themselves especially at dusk and at night. The file size of the images that were taken by the two sensors differ significantly.

  • The camera sensor from Samsung is called: Samsung Isocell sensor
  • The camera sensor from Sony is called: Sony Exmor IMX240 sensor

If you are interested you which of the two sensors has been installed in your Samsung Galaxy S6, then you can find out as follows.

Open on your smartphone the phone app and then the keypad. Now therefore enter the following code: *#34971539#

Then a window will open, where now the Button "ISP VER CHECK"must be tapped. You can now get either:

  • SONY_IMX240_FIMC_IS --> Sony Exmor IMX240 sensor
  • SLSI_S5K2P2_FIMC_IS --> Samsung Isocell sensor

Which of the two camera sensors the best is, is difficult to judge, because everyone else has preferences. On the Internet you will find numerous pictures from both sensors in comparison.

You know now how you can find on the Samsung Galaxy S6, which camera sensor has been installed.

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